Flameless Explosion Vent VIGIFLAM

Product codes: 60301, 60302


The Flameless Explosion Vent VIGIFLAM are rectangular explosion devices that combine a standard explosion panel with added protection to prevent flame from entering the environment. The Flameless Explosion Vents are certified to be suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

The Flameless Explosion Vent VIGIFLAM eliminate the need for costly heavy duty piping that is required for exterior venting when a vessel is installed within the workspace. The integral standard explosion panel bursts during the initial explosion phase. Immediately thereafter, the flame and burnt dust exit the vessel and is contained by the VIGIFLAM flame arrestor. All Flameless Explosion Vent VIGIFLAM are designed with the ability to change the explosion panel without removing the flame arrestor assembly.

Boss Products’ technical engineering staff is dedicated to ensuring optimum design & product selection for every application.

Flameless Explosion Vents EV-VQ product certifications

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