Providing Hands-On Support to Ensure a Successful Safety System.

The Boss Products Service Department focuses on ensuring proper installation and operation of your new safety system, in accordance with ATEX & NFPA certifications and standards. Our solutions are tailored to each client facility and are required to meet individualized installation parameters, specifications, and regulations for how they are installed and should operate. Providing detailed service and support is an important part of Boss Products commitment to improving the safety of working environments.

Services range from performing an initial dust hazard analysis (DHA) in order to identify the correct solution for your unique facility to assisting with explosion vent sizing based on the DHA results. Full support to answer all of your questions, hands-on training to help your team understand the science and functionality of your unique safety solution, and start-up and commissioning, will all make your facility safer for everyone involved.

start-up & commissioning services

Start-up & Commissioning

For new construction or retrofit, all safety systems have specifications and regulations that must be adhered to for proper installation. The consequences of an improper installation can be severe, including loss of life and/or property damage. Boss Products’ Start-up and Commissioning Service includes a site visit and inspection to validate and certify that your system has been properly installed and brought online according to specifications and will function as intended.
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Technical Support & Service

Boss Products Service Department is ready to assist with all of  your technical support needs and share our knowledge of the safety products that we supply. We regularly provide information regarding general functionality, how-to guidance, features and benefits of systems and components, installation conditions, compatibility issues and much more.  If you have questions, we have the answers you are looking for. Give us a call!
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Boss Products Service Department provides technical support
Dust Hazard Analysis services

Dust Hazard Analysis

Required by NFPA 652, the goal of a Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) is to identify all the hazards in your facility, especially the ones you did not even know existed, and move you from reactive compliance to proactive hazard management. The DHA provides pragmatic, actionable recommendations for managing risk. Since no two systems or facilities are identical, our approach ensures a tailored response that accounts for operational constraints and the resources your facility has to offer.
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Explosion Vent Sizing

Combustible dust has distinct characteristics that dictate how powerful an explosion could be if particles explode in a dust collector. Venting puts controlled weak spots on the wall of the dust collector, which open to relieve pressure and direct the explosion away from people and equipment. Using NFPA 68 Guidelines to determine the minimum venting area, Boss Products will help you determine the correct size and quantity of Explosion Vent Panels required to keep your facility safe.
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Boss Products Service Department provides explosion vent sizing services
Boss Products Training Program


The Boss Training program demystifies and accelerates product knowledge of our safety solutions. Providing an overview of all the components included in your particular solution, we help you understand the science, logic, function, and NFPA considerations behind the technology. Receive hands-on training and support to answer product related questions, for installation assistance and troubleshooting issues.
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