Explosion Vent Sizing

Properly Sized Explosion Vent Panels Can Save You Money.

Explosion venting of process equipment is one of the most frequently used methods to mitigate explosion risks in industry. The principle has been used for many years and, if applied correctly, works very well. NFPA 68 describes the specific requirements for explosion vent sizing, including design, installation, and maintenance of vent devices intended to limit deflagration pressures. In the most basic form, venting puts controlled weak spots on the wall of a dust collector which will open to relieve pressure so it doesn’t turn into a potential explosion.

Boss Products explosion vent sizing services ensures you have the safest system possible and can save you money by properly sizing all venting components for your specific application. In order to properly size an explosion panel to relieve the pressure of a dust explosion, it is necessary to know "how" the dust will explode, which is based on the dust explosion properties of a material, specifically the Kst and Pmax values, as well as particle size, minimum concentrations, minimum ignition temperature, and other important characteristics. Additionally, it is important to know the properties of the vessel to protect, which will change according to the volume, geometry (length to diameter ratio or L/D), and design pressure of the vessel.

The primary consideration in deflagration vent design is the determination of the minimum required vent area and actuation pressure. If a fireball does not have far to travel before it reaches a vent then it has less time to generate heat inside the vessel. Thus, locating vents at strategic locations can often reduce the L/D and effective flame length and reduce the vent area requirements.

The team at Boss Products are experts in performing the calculations involved in determining vessel volume, vessel strength, a dust's explosive power, maximum pressure and pressure reduction required to mitigate an explosion. After calculating this information, Boss Products will supply the correct quantity and sizes of panels required to safely vent any explosion based on the specific characteristics of your processes, equipment, and facility.

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