VIGILEX Domed Explosion Vent Panel EV-VD

Product code: 51502


The VIGILEX® Domed Explosion Vent Panel EV-VD is specifically designed for high negative pressure applications and installations where high psi pulse cleaning mechanisms could cause metal fatigue over time. The dome design is optimal for Hi-Vac filter systems where explosion relief venting is required. Typical applications included dust collector filters, cyclones, and high pressure vessels.

The VIGILEX® Domed Explosion Vent Panel EV-VD is pressure tested and certified in compliance with a variety of test standards. EV-VD vent panels are ideal for OEM and retrofit applications. They are easy to install with premium gaskets and integral flanges.

Standard burst pressure is 1.45 psi / 0.1 bar. Application specific burst pressures between 1.45 psi up to 7 psi are available for special orders.

Domed Explosion Vent Panels EV-VDProduct Certifications

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