Fire & Explosion Protection Systems

Boss Products is your single source supplier for fire and explosion isolation, suppression, and diversion needs.


How Boss Products Can Help Keep Your Organization Safe

We’re committed to helping you meet and exceed today’s strict NFPA regulatory guidelines governing your industry. That’s why we provide a full range of fire and explosion suppression and mitigation solutions that address potential hazards in the industrial filtration and processing industries.

Our staff brings decades of design, engineering, and installation experience for multi-application industrial combustible dust collecting, bulk handling, and processing systems.

Based on this wealth of knowledge, Boss Products has developed and brought to market a family of SAFETY SMART solutions to work as individual components or as part of a seamless plantwide solution.

Fire & Explosion Mitigation, Isolation, Diversion

Explosion Isolation & Diversion

Boss Product’s explosion isolation and diversion valves are designed to contain an explosion so it doesn’t propagate to other process equipment through connected pipelines. Valves come in a variety of sizes to fit your application, ductwork, dust type, and airflow.

Most valves are ATEX Certified and NFPA 69 Compliant.

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Explosion Venting

Boss Products strives to provide the safest fire and explosion mitigation systems on the market. We offer a large selection of correctly sized, NFPA 68-compliant explosion venting and flameless explosion venting solutions for industrial dust collection and bulk combustible material handling applications— engineered to provide effective venting for a variety of industries.
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Fire & Explosion Mitigation, Explosion Venting
Fire & Explosion Mitigation and Prevention

Fire & Explosion Prevention

Our fire and explosion suppression equipment is valuable across a wide array of industries to help create a safer work environment for employees while simultaneously protecting your investments and your property.

Dirty side prevention is typically offered with a “good, better, best” approach for fire and dust explosion prevention. The ideal solution, and what Boss Products recommends for safe operation and minimal shutdown, introduces a physical barrier to the dirty side to ensure the hazard does not reach the dust collector.

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Grain Elevator Hazard Monitoring

Boss Products has considerable expertise in the storage and bulk handling industry, which has allowed us to design a hazard monitoring system that includes monitoring devices, motion controllers, dustproof alignment systems, and a variety of sensors to ensure the safety and protection of your equipment and personnel.
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Fire & Explosion Mitigation for Grain Elevators
Active Explosion Suppression & Isolation

Active Explosion Suppression & Isolation

RaptorX™ explosion suppression and isolation systems are designed to activate at rapid rates to chemically suppress a deflagration.
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Industries We Serve

Boss Products develops NFPA-certified fire and explosion protection systems and equipment for some of the most highly regulated industries in America, including:

  • Grain.
  • Coffee.
  • Flour.
  • Cocoa.
  • Animal Feed.
  • Food.
  • Furniture.
  • Paper.
  • Woodworking.
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