Raptor Shield™ (Spark Trap)

Product code: 51001

Raptor Shield™ (Spark Trap)


The Raptor Shield (Spark Trap) reduces the risk of fire in your industrial dust collection system. It is an NFPA recommended component as part of a complete fire prevention system.

The Raptor Shield is the toughest and most effective spark trap available. With no moving parts, the Raptor Shield is very low maintenance. A clean-out door allows easy access to empty any accumulated material. With fully welded construction, there’s no risk of leaks. It is the most heavy-duty and durable spark trap available.

Added benefits of the Raptor Shield (Spark Trap):

  • Easy to install in any system, in horizontal or vertical configuration
  • Standard sizes 6” to 40” with other sizes to meet your needs
  • Options for raw, flanged, or quick connect ends

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