Raptor Gate™ Heavy Duty High Speed Abort Gate

Product codes: 56703

Raptor Gate™ Heavy Duty High Speed Abort Gate


The Raptor Gate™ Heavy Duty High Speed Abort Gate is an NFPA- required safety device to prevent damage from sparks, fire or filter leaks.

The Raptor Gate is an important part of returning clean air back into a facility.
Raptor Spark detection, thermal probes and dust probes activate the Raptor Single Zone or CU1610 multi-zone control panels in the event of a fire or filter failure in the dust collector.

The Raptor Gate can be located on the return air side to redirect contaminated air, sparks or fires. It does not protect the system from explosions.

Added benefits of the Raptor Gate:

  • Terminals to interlock with Raptor Spark detection system for activation
  • 10 gauge carbon steel construction and precise, strong welds ensure the most durable product
  • Manual reset type with hand-crank actuator. Push button reset type with electric assist
  • Electromagnets are fail-safe and use gate accelerating springs for the fastest gate closure
  • Meets all NFPA standards, including NFPA 652 and industry-specific standards
  • All abort gates tested prior to shipment for superior performance

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