EcoMAXX® Firebreak Shutter EM-FBS

Product codes: 50301, 50302, 50303, 50304

The EcoMAXX® FireBreak Shutter EM-FBS is engineered to isolate fires and fire hazards in process ventilation and dust collecting applications. FireBreak Shutters EM-FBS are installed in a multitude of applications ranging from wood dust, metal dust, oil mist and/or any other process that has a fire hazard. Preventative (active) and reactive (passive) solutions are available.


Available Models

  • EM-FBS00G – Gravity closure with manual reset
  • EM-FBS00F – Gravity closure with manual reset. Fusible link activation.
  • EM-FBS00M – Gravity closure using magnetic release with a pneumatic reset.
  • EM-FBS00P & EM-FBS00PH – Pneumatic closure & reset, designed for vertical and horizontal positions.

Common Applications:

  • Secondary protection in a Spark Detection and Extinguishing System
  • Detect and isolation systems without suppression
  • Dust collector/vessel isolation when used with a Fire Suppression System
  • Production area/work zone isolation for high-risk processes
FireBreak Shutters EM-FBS product certifications

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